Our staff

The Team of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency is pleased to be able to support you. To apply for a membership, by searching for industry information or to find a partner for an industry event. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Jan Rispens

Jan RispensElectrical Engineering (MSc)

Astrid Dose

Astrid DoseM. A.

Authorized Officer, Project Manager Public Relations and Marketing

Steffen Bechtel

Steffen BechtelDr.-Ing.

Project Lead Sector Coupling & Hydrogen Economy

Claudia Jende

Claudia Jende

Constantin Lange

Constantin LangeEnvironmental Science (Diploma)

Project Lead Innovation & Research

Katja Löwe

Katja Löwe

Project Manager Hydrogen Economy, North German Real Lab (NRL)

Sandra Niedert

Sandra NiedertBusiness Administration (MSc)

Sibyl Scharrer

Sibyl ScharrerM.A.

International Cooperation Hydrogen

Oliver Schenk

Oliver SchenkM. A.

Marketing Hydrogen Economy

Kirsten Schümer

Kirsten SchümerM. A.

Community Management Hydrogen

Jingkai Shi

Jingkai ShiM. A.

International Cooperation Renewables

Julia Borchmann

Julia BorchmannStudent assistant