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Windcluster Norway
Mr. Vegard Saur
Windcluster Norway
Windcluster Norway

Windcluster Norway will contribute to improve profitability and increase value creation for the cluster companies by developing solutions for reduced cost of energy in the value chain for wind power production. The project aims to strengthen Windcluster Norway¹s position as an internationally recognized cluster within production of wind power in harsh environments. Norwegians have since ancient times utilized resources in their surroundings. The vikings are renowned for their capability of using wind as a resource of transportation in the North Sea. In the 19th Norway became one of the most dominant shipping nations and has since been a global player in the maritime sector. 100 years ago Norway became a pioneer of hydro power production. Oil was found at the Ekofisk field in 1969. In the 1980s energy utilities and academia accepted wind energy as a resource for power production. These natural resources have been a driving force in development of an international industry and a R&D environment within production of energy in harsh environments. The Mid- Norwegian footprint has been comprehensive with strong value chains in renewables, oil&gas and maritime industry. Together with leading energy utility companies in the wind business, the supplier companies and R&D environment in Windcluster Norway are ready to take the next step : Establishing a strong position in international wind business.

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