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Storengy Deutschland GmbH

Storengy Deutschland, a subsidiary of ENGIE Group, is a global leader in underground storage of natural gas and operates salt cavern storage facilities in Lesum, Harsefeld and Peckensen in northern Germany. The ENGIE Group is a global pioneer in the transition to CO2 neutrality "as a service" and has around 31.1 GW of installed renewable capacity.

Green hydrogen plays a crucial role in the expansion of renewable energies and the decarbonisation of the energy system. We aim to produce, transport and store green hydrogen and other green gases based on renewable energies to make them available for consumption in the mobility, industry and heating sectors. Our references include the power-to-gas project HyNetherlands, from which hydrogen is to be transported to the Hamburg metropolitan region. In Harsefeld, we want to build a 100% hydrogen cavern aligned with Gasunie’s IPCEI project HyPerLink. In the cavern, the fluctuating production of hydrogen is to be synchronised with the demand via the planned H2 distribution network HH-WIN. The cavern will serve as a flexibility option for fluctuating hydrogen producers and consumers as well as a seasonal storage facility once a suitable subsidy mechanism on a European level has been found.

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