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Parcom Hydrasun GmbH

Leading specialist provider of integrated solutions in liquid transfer ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Hydrasun is a distributor of numerous hydrogen-specific components, required for the integration of hydrogen systems, including: High pressure gas distribution systems, refueling hoses & fuel nozzles, Control and instrumentation.

The extremely experienced and competent installation team at Hydrasun has the installation of H2 refueling systems in a range of Power-to-Mobility Projects successfully completed and this service increasingly with the Step-by-step expansion of the infrastructure provided: product specification, Procurement, installation and commissioning, maintenance and operation, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure testing, certification, construction planning and Project management.

Hydrasun has extensive knowledge in the field of static and mobile Facilities for handling, storage and dispensing of hydrogen and is currently providing mobile H2 storage systems that are directly attached to buses and other light and heavy Vehicles and aircraft can be handed in.

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