Logo von: NAEXT GmbH

We are an engineering and cleantech start-up from Hamburg focusing on sustainable and circular solutions in the automotive and energy sectors.

Under the label NAEXT Energy, we develop, plan, and distribute commercial and industrial storage systems. Our two storage products, the NAEXT Hexagon and the NAEXT Quadragon, are united by using 2nd-life batteries from the automotive industry and an innovative and novel geothermal heat exchanger unknown on the market.

Under the brand name NAEXT Automotive, we develop and produce electric conversion kits with which vehicles with combustion engines are converted into emission-free electric cars in less than a week. The kits are sold to partner workshops or fleet operators. Our basic idea is "refurbishment" in vehicle construction and a very simple one: we develop an almost new electric vehicle from a used combustion engine. In doing so, we can retain more than 80% of the old car and drive in a 100% electrically climate-neutral manner. This makes it possible to make the mobility revolution ecologically sustainable.

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