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We are a global supplier of complete pre-insulated pipe systems with immense know-how related to insulation as a means of improving energy efficiency.

With more than 60 years of research, development, and experience, we have become the leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems. We invented the pre-insulated pipe, the flexible pipe, unique joints and fittings. And on top of that, we are the first company to introduce environmentally friendly products to manufacture the best insulation material.

Our 3 core segments offer energy efficient pipe systems with the very best insulation properties. We ensure that only a minimum of produced energy goes to waste when transported over long distances - no matter if the energy is hot water, cold water, oil, gas or other precious liquids.

LOGSTOR District Heating Solutions
LOGSTOR district heating pipe solutions constitute a long-term investment that improves infrastructure and the standard of living for people and communities in towns and cities. Pipe systems with a long service life and low installation costs allow cities around the world to show leadership in the field of eco-friendly and renewable energy. LOGSTOR solutions ensure low costs for more than 30 years, helping to make district heating the cheapest and most effective form of indoor heating.

Our District Heating Solutions:
Domestic Heating
Solar Heating

LOGSTOR Thermal Solutions
We are the leading supplier of pre-insulated pipelines to Onshore, Offshore and LNG terminals. With smart insulation as our fuel, we drive energy efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions.

The world’s energy systems keep growing to unprecedented level. However, energy efficiency has a huge potential that is increasingly being recognized. A reduction in fuel and energy bills, as well as reduced air pollution is a sustainable reality. It is absolutely paramount to pursue the efficiency with which energy and materials are used in the industry. We want to be a leading supplier for onshore and offshore pre-insulated pipelines and services for oil and gas.

Our Thermal Solutions:

LOGSTOR Industry Solutions
Customized solutions for industrial applications is our strong point of difference, which has secured us a top position in the otherwise competitive landscape. Pre-insulated pipes for industrial applications require a broad range of different media pipes, as they have to be able to carry all kind of different products. The temperatures range from minus 200° C to plus 250° C and the pipe system can include tracing for electrical heating and wires for surveillance depending on customer requirements.

Our Industry Solutions:
Low temperature, -200° C to -60° C
Normal temperature, -60° C to +120° C
High temperature, +120° C to +250° C
PIR insulation

We are part of the world's leading insulation company, Kingspan - a company with a passion for energy conservation and sustainability ...

We share the passion to work purposefully with the global climate challenges. In that process, the expansion of district heating systems plays an important role. With Kingspan, we get access to state-of-the-art research and advanced technologies that will add many more benefits to LOGSTOR solutions.

Our office is located in Løgstør, Denmark, and we employ app. 1,400 people in 12 different countries. Currently, we have 6 LOGSTOR sites strategically placed to cover Europe.

We all play an important role in reducing our overall energy consumption and developing an energy society that combats CO2 emissions via energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. We are at the forefront and take responsibility for this development, which is why we are busy with our ambitious growth plans with a strong investment strategy.

About Kingspan
The companies in the Kingspan Group are united by a vision of a better built environment – one that is ultra energy-efficient, promotes wellbeing and is circular by design. As the global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions, our mission is to accelerate a net zero emissions future-built environment with the wellbeing of people and planet at its heart. The goals in our Planet Passionate sustainability programme include net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030 and a 50 per cent reduction in CO2 intensity in our primary supply chain partners, also by the end of the decade.

Kingspan Group companies are active in over 70 countries and employ in excess of 20,000 people in more than 200 manufacturing facilities. The Group is headquartered in Ireland.

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