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Logo von: GmbH GmbH is an innovative Tech-Startup from Hamburg that develops advanced sensor and automation solutions for production and maintenance. While our roots are in the aviation sector, our solutions are also suitable for many other industries. These include, for example, the wind energy and hydrogen industries. When developing a new solution, we systematically support our customers from the early generation of ideas through feasibility studies to the delivery of the turnkey solution.

In our systems we combine various new types of sensor technologies in connection with innovative algorithms and handling technology. The resulting solution allows quality assurance with high reliability, accuracy, and resource efficiency, such as detailed 3D measurements of components, optical detection of damage or leakage monitoring in pipe systems. In addition to stationary inspection systems, we also offer mobile solutions in our product portfolio.

Our goal is to optimize productivity, efficiency, and reliability in quality assurance and condition monitoring with our tailor-made solutions for each customer.

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