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HanseWerk Natur GmbH

HanseWerk Natur GmbH is one of the largest regional suppliers of heat and decentralised energy solutions in northern Germany and has several decades of experience as a heat supplier. The local and district heat grids of the company reach a length of about 800 kilometers. HanseWerk Natur reliably supplies tens of thousands of private and corporate customers as well as settlements, public facilities, and industrial companies 365 days a year via these grids, numerous cogeneration plants, and central heating stations. In addition, the company offers tailor-made energy concepts and state-of-the-art plant technology for optimized energy use, which reduces emissions and relieves the burden on the environment.

HanseWerk Natur is also one of the largest operators of environmentally friendly cogeneration plants in northern Germany. The company manages around 1200 decentralized plants, including 200 chp-units in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, and in northern Lower Saxony. However, HanseWerk Natur is not only making a strong contribution to the energy future with its decentralised energy generation, but also with innovative projects. These include, for example, the high-efficiency cogeneration plants with an efficiency of close to 100 percent, a virtual power plant for generating control energy or the transfer and storage of excess heat in their grids.

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