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Fraunhofer IWES

Fraunhofer IWES secures investments in technological advancements through validation, shortens innovation cycles, accelerates certification procedures, and increases planning accuracy via innovative measurement methods in the wind energy sector. It currently comprises 150 scientists and employees as well as 70 students employed at four locations: Bremerhaven, Hannover, Bremen and Oldenburg. In 2015, its operating budget was 15 million euros.

Thanks to extensive support in the form of funding, unique test benches (e.g. for rotor blades, nacelles, support structures, bearings and flexible shafts), a measurement infrastructure and laboratories have been established since it was founded in 2009. The test portfolio was developed in close collaboration with leading industrial companies which collaborated on the development of test methods and workflows starting from the design phase. The combination of test infrastructure that is unique worldwide with methodological competency is what makes IWES Nordwest an outstanding research partner for companies all over the world. Thanks to its participation in international expert committees, the institute is an active pioneer for technological developments and quality assurance in the wind industry.

The development and optimisation of wind energy installations requires know-how from a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines. The Research Alliance Wind Energy (FVWE), which comprises the partners German Aerospace Center (DLR), ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, and Fraunhofer IWES, consolidates the expertise of 600 researchers.

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