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Elpress has been developing, manufacturing and marketing complete cable crimping systems for electrical connectors since 1959. The Elpress Group, consisting of Elpress and ABIKO business areas, is owned by Lagercrantz Group AB.

Elpress head office, factory and warehouse are located in Kramfors, Sweden. Subsidiaries Elpress GmbH (DE), Elpress A/S (DK), Elpress AS (N), Elpress (CHN) Ltd. and Elpress Inc. (USA) with local warehouses in Silkeborg/Denmark, Beijing/China and Chicago/USA. In total, around 160 people work in the Elpress Group.

Elpress is cooperating with most of the largest OEM´s in renewable energy worldwide. Contact with these business partners has shown that a wide range of products is required to meet the various requirements in wind energy.

In addition to the requirements for electrical properties and current carrying capacity, wind power applications can also place high demands on corrosion, vibration and static loads.

Elpress fulfills all these requirements and makes secure connections!

Elpress group is doing sales in more than70 countries all over the world. This makes Elpress one of the largest manufacturers of contact press systems. Sales are carried out through our own subsidiaries in Germany, Denmark, China and the USA. Other countries and markets are covered by a network of qualified partners, distributors and dealers.

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