Logo von: Shell

Shell is a global group of companies that provides solutions to keep people and goods moving, businesses operating, homes warm and bright – from traditional fuels, lubricants and specialties to e-charging, H2, bio-fuels, gas and renewable power.

Supporting the Paris Agreement, Shell has set the global target of becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society and our customers. Shell is investing billions of dollars worldwide in low-carbon energy, including charging stations for electric vehicles, hydrogen, renewable energy and biofuels.

Represented in Germany since 1902, Shell has its German headquarter in Hamburg and now employs more than 3000 people across Germany in research, production and sales of energy solutions for private mobility and home energy as well as energy and chemical products and lubricants for almost all industries and sectors. The company is gradually transforming its portfolio with a view to customer needs in order to advance the German energy transition with sustainable energy solutions. A key element of this transformation is the intent to become a leader in green hydrogen – that is why Shell in Germany is a driving force in several green hydrogen projects like Hamburg Green Hydrogen Hub.


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