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Carneades Hydrogen GmbH

Renewable Hydrogen and its derivates is our core business, Carneades Hydrogen GmbH has been founded in 2021 to provide project management consultancy in all aspects for investment projects in the hydrogen economy. With our unique, tailor-made service structure, you get the right support at the right time and for as long as you need it.

The energy transition towards a zero-emission energy system, has resulted in an unprecedented high number of projects, e.g., hydrogen generation by water electrolysis, processing and conversion, transmission, industrial application. These projects have a pioneer and a first of a kind role requiring cross industrial partnerships, development of new supply chains and innovative project solutions.

Carneades offers sound project consultancy services to the project teams throughout the entire Project Life Cycle from conceptual idea up to and beyond the start-up. Our experts are well-positioned to serve in the following fields

  • Project Management
  • Contract and Claim Management
  • Regulatory
  • Procurement Support
  • Project Development
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Special assignments and market studies

With extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and with hydrogen generation through electrolysis our experts have a detailed insight in the best practices in project, commercial and legal project management.

The group of CARNEADES entities consists of over 20 consultants with an international background and has excellent references from industry-leading companies. Our dedication is with our client’s projects for which we are committed to provide high-quality consulting services to drive the renewable based hydrogen economy.

Furthermore, we have many years of experience in the wind industry and have access to a wide network of resources with which we can tailor our offerings specifically to your requirements.

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