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TIMM develops and manufactures high-quality safety and security technology “made in Northern Germany”, including a digital access control system for wind turbines. Founded in 1963, we have our roots in explosion-proof measuring and control technology. Today, we are considered the technology leader for systems used for electrostatic grounding and potential equalization.

Motivated by the ever-growing share of renewable energy sources TIMM established a new “Renewable Energy” division in 2017, led by Dominik Eisenbeis. In 2018, we started our development project focused on smart access control to wind turbines. The project is supported by the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

For the project, we are leveraging our existing expertise in access control and data technology and combining it with the requirements of the wind industry. We are working together with leading industry players on the development to ensure that our solution will meet market needs.


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