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EEHH-Projekte Northern Connections EU



Status Confirmed

Region EU / North Sea Region

Volume In total 5,3 M EURO, own part of 295 TEUR, rate of subsidies 50 %

Time frame 11/2016 – 04/2020

Logo von: Northern Connections EU

The joint challenge is to test the use of domestic innovation support measures transnationally and to address barriers to competition which exist between clusters and regions. Innovation support is mainly applied within narrow geographies where calls to action are not visible transnationally and cities & clusters lack capacity to involve SMEs broadly.

Our objective is to get more enterprises to participate in transnational innovation collaboration via strengthening transnational cluster and city/region cooperation. This is also done by the involved clusters carrying out Living-Labs Open Solutions Pitches (LL-OSP) i.e. targeted world-café workshops that address city/region challenges based on SMEs solutions. The main output is building capacity and transnational relations of sustainable energy clusters to provide demand-led innovation support. This creates the foundation to involve more SMEs in innovation.

We are developing a broader political backing using northern connections to create coherence between political ambitions and potential of cluster organisations for innovation support. Our approach is to provide a bridge between the private and the public sector for transnational innovation support. This will be achieved through improving/aligning innovation support measures by creating incentives for transnational SME innovation partnerships to collaborate and to establish a critical mass of innovation activity on a transnational basis. We will pilot joint transnational innovation support measures aimed at broadening opportunities for SMEs from different NSRs to participate in regional innovation activities, which ultimately will strengthen their ability to take part in global markets and create new value-chains.

General Partners

Aalborg Kommune, Aarhus Kommune, Business Region Göteborg AB, CLEAN, Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH, Falkirk Council, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Gemeente Alkmaar, HafenCity Unviersität Hamburg, Innovatum AB, OREEC Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm, Oslo Kommune, Region Midtjylland, Region Nordjylland, Region Syddanmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Scottish Enterprise, Stichting Energy Valley, Sustainable Business Hub Malmö,  vzw i-Cleantech Vlaanderen innovatie in Cleantech

Role Renewable Energy Hamburg

WP6 Living Labs / Lead partner work package

We are the Lead partner for the Living Labs works package. Co-lead: INNOVATUM Sweden. In the context of existing and of developing new Living-Labs (LL) all clusters carry out Open Solution Pitches (OSP) to test and optimize the implementation of Innovation Support Measures (ISM) of WP4 in real demonstration and application surroundings. They are implemented as modern workshop formats e.g. World-Cafés. LL-OSP create a true transnational market place, where SMEs’ solutions from all clusters are pitched and matched with demand in participating cities/regions/municipalities/other organizations. Their own and joint challenges of implementing future sustainable energy systems politically and technically of WP3/WP5 are the baseline for LL-OSP. LL-OSP have four initial themes and up to four phases: screening, execution, evaluation, (and commercialization). LL-OSP will be coordinated by two partners (two clusters, two countries).

Clusters involve enterprises from direct and indirect networks i.e. members, non-members (also other industries) in and outside of the project area. LL-OSP are carried out in a frame of topics set by close cooperation between clusters and public entities. Other partners participate to a larger/smaller extent in the activities as well as they provide necessary information and contacts. At the market and political level this pooling of innovation drivers in LL-OSP should lead to more cost and resource efficient allocation of SMEs innovation potential in NSR and should realize trans-regional market scope for future innovation Projects.

List of core partners


Ms Christina Zinck Folmand Knudsen
Aalborg Kommune (City of Aalborg, AAK)

Aalborg, DENMARK
+45 993 1153

Aalborg is the capital city of North Denmark. Sustainability and green transition is a highly prioritized focus area and the municipal administration is deeply involved in both planning and implementation. The city is supporting business development within renewable energy and is hosting the cluster organization of North Denmark with 400 members.

WP6 Lead

Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH (EEHH)

Renewable Energy Hamburg (REHH)
Wexstrasse 7, 20355 Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

Tripple-helix PPP with 185 members i.e. platform for dialogue, projects, networking, innovation. We offer SME guidance and supportive structures: screening, detecting, penetrating new markets and finding complementary partners. Technical strongholds: on-/offshore wind, solar, biomass, energy storage, system integration, energy markets, and smart ICT. Services: engineering, project development, finance, law, HR, R&D, and media. Internationalization focus on SME market entries, alliances over-seas, EU partners: NSR/BSR clusters.

WP6 Co-Lead

Ms Lillemor Lindberg
Innovatum AB

Trollhättan, SWEDEN
+46 7309 88822

We act as a bridge between industry and academia for enhanced innovation and business environment. Innovatum Project Arena execute collaboration projects where our project leaders and experts organize, process and manage both big projects, workshops and other activities for SME. We offer our network of contacts towards competence and financing resources. We have currently 180 businesses that are involved in our R&D Projects.


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