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EEHH-Projekte Green Power Electronics



Status Confirmed

Region EU / Baltic Sea Region

Volume In total 3,1 M EURO, own part of 170 TEUR, rate of subsidies 75 %

Time frame 03/2016 – 02/2019

Logo von: Green Power Electronics

The project accelerates the market uptake of Advanced Power Electronics (Advanced PE) by companies, especially SMEs, in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) for the efficient conversion, transmission and consumption of energy. The novel technologies behind Advanced PE allow more than 50% of energy savings by enabling the efficient control and conversion of electrical power and the reduction of energy losses in all stages of the energy supply chain. The corresponding market, which is expected to grow annually by 7.4% from 2014-2020, is driven by the demand for an increase in energy efficiency to enable renewable energy production, efficient energy transmission and intelligent consumption (e.g., within e-mobility and smart buildings).

Thus the novel technologies foster the transition towards green growth and green society. The market uptake of Advanced PE is challenged by technical and economic barriers as well as knowledge gaps which are difficult to be overcome by companies from the energy supply chain in the Baltic Sea region. As a result these companies tend to choose conservative technology management and R&I strategies with regard to Advanced PE. At the same time innovative startups and SMEs from component and element level to system integrators – need to accelerate the innovation cycle and market acceptance of the energy efficient novel technology.

The project aims to demonstrate solutions to overcome these barriers faster and to increase the capacity of companies to adopt their business and R&I strategies to the potentials of Advanced PE. The project provides a transnational collaboration platform for research institutions and companies especially innovative startups and SMEs to transfer knowledge and build up R&I alliances across borders.

The partners demonstrate the technical feasibility, reliability and cost-efficiency of the novel technology and strengthen the industry’s confidence in Advanced PE. The transnational approach creates a critical mass of expertise and collaboration for the still premature market for Advanced PE.

The project involves widely BSR companies in the development of a technology and product roadmap enabling them to define their technology and business strategies (e.g., adequate technology, timing of investments). The project carries out three demonstration pilots in the market sectors renewable energies, e-mobility and smart buildings with 8 companies and 7 research institutions. In addition the research partners consult 14 BSR companies supporting their R&I strategy development. All project results will be spread across the BSR via dedicated technology marketing measures, thus advancing the BSR capacities in the enabling technology.

The project obtains support from the STRING partnership contributing to the green growth. The project sets up a cross-sector consortium consisting of 7 research institutions with expertise in Advanced PE, 18 companies from the energy supply chain (4 project partners, 14 associated partners) as well as 7 partners from business development associations, technology transfer institutions and cluster organizations. The consortium establishes effective collaboration in the Baltic Sea region which accelerates the market uptake of energy efficient Advanced PE.

General Partners

Syddansk Universitet, WTSH Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein, Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH, Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel, Acreo Swedish ICT, University of Latvia, Latvian Technological Center, University of Tartu Tartu, Kaunas University of Technology, Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies, Warsaw University of Technology, NATEK Power Systems AB, Banke Accessory drives, Kaunas Science and Technology Park, CLEAN DK, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT), Sustainable Smart Houses in Småland, Ubik Solutions OÜ, Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH Reese, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Park&Charge I Sverige AB, STRING DK, Energy Conservation Foundation Energy PL, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre LT, JSC "Saules Energija, JSC "Sinktoteksas", Technitel Polska S.A., IPP Sp. z o.o., National Institute of Telecommunication of Poland, Infratel-Operator Infrastrukturalny Sp. z o.o, Globema Sp. z o.o., "Commener" Sp. z o.o., State Research Institute of Physical Energetics LV, ENERGOLUKSS Ltd, KIC InnoEnergy Germany GmbH, Ferroamp Elektronik SE, Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH, Vishay Siliconix Itzehoe GmbH

Role Renewable Energy Hamburg

WP4 Technology Marketing / regular partner

With our experience and our network we will support the successful implementation of Green Power Electronics in the following, amongst others; Provide information and contacts to relevant industry partners for the demonstration pilots, especially related to entrepreneurial issues. Support the technology marketing and capacity building among companies and public authorities in the Baltic Sea Region. Provide information and experts for technology road-mapping of advanced power electronics, including technological, economic, legal and social barriers. Distribute the results of the project within our industry network and towards third party partners.

List of core partners


Prof. Dr. Horst-Günter Rubahn
University of Southern Denmark
Mads Clausen Institute

Sønderborg, Denmark

Higher education and research institution, university faculty, college, research institution, RTD facility, research cluster.

Project Management

Ms Ines Kröger
DSN – Connecting Knowledge
Kiel, Germany

+49 431 99 69 66-20

DSN - Connecting Knowledge – is devoping projects in the field of dialogues, strategies and networks in order to connect knowledge and to take a chance of potential opportunities in a systematic way. Focus: health, maritime industry, regional development as well as knowledge and qualification.


University of Latvia
Department of Communication and Innovation
Lauma Muizniece

Higher education and research institution, university faculty, college, research institution, RTD facility, research cluster.


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