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Programme:Horizon Europe

Project periode:January 2024 – October 2025

Participating countries:Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, UK

The digitalization of energy systems means the increased uptake of information and communication technologies in the energy system: smart meters, electrical vehicles, smart apps, and technologies. It is an important element in the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. This impacts everyone: the Every1 project aims to support everyone in their roles in the digitalization of the energy system.

The cluster EEHH participates in the cluster cooperation to scale up the capacities of digitalization of the energy transition. Specifically, the clusters will work together to create tailored learning materials to help train staff of the cluster and members in a meaningful way on this topic. The materials will be co-created with each cluster to address the specific needs. The participating clusters will also have exclusive networking and capacity-building opportunities with similar initiatives, which bring digital energy solution seekers and providers together.


Every1 project set the goal to deliver an impactful concept that includes all elements needed to enable an effective participation of all European stakeholders in the digital energy market. The project starts from a deep data-informed understanding of stakeholders and ecosystems to map who they are, what they know, how they use information and where they look for it. Similarly are existing and emerging solutions assessed and validated, and use cases will serve to understand what stakeholders need to know in order to take up a role that matches their potential. This gap is used to develop learning pathways that lead to the identification of the needed capacity building material. Parallel, Every1 works on making a market by exchanging best practices with policy makers and energy regulators, enabling discussions on barriers, and developing joint communication material for their peers.


Jingkai Shi

Jingkai ShiCluster Renewable Energy Hamburg

International Cooperation Renewables