Details launches Europe-wide B2B online shop for spare parts and repair materials for wind turbines launches Europe-wide B2B online shop for spare parts and repair materials for wind turbines

During the Corona crisis, digital business models have emerged as reliable pillars for the procurement of products and services. The operation of wind turbines must be guaranteed around the clock, which is why there is a strong demand for comprehensive and directly accessible online offers for spare parts and repair materials. has been a competent distributor for years in after-sales market of the wind industry and now also offers its product range in a B2B online shop throughout Europe.

In 2019, wind energy supplied approx. 24.4 % of German electricity production and is a supporting pillar of the energy revolution. Wind turbines have undergone rapid technical development. The complex systems that are exposed to
changing loads, require regular maintenance and repairs. As a specialized dealer for the wind industry, Windsourcing.
com has already delivered spare parts and repair materials for wind turbines to customers in Europe and increasingly worldwide. Now the company has reacted to the increased demands of the market and - in the spirit of the digital age - offers customers from EU countries many articles for direct purchase via a new B2B online shop. Associated
with this are further service advantages, such as the display of the stock availability of all products, in
order to guarantee the buyer planning security for necessary orders.

Once a customer account has been created, the uncomplicated ordering process ensures direct access to the online shop assortment with just a few clicks. The products offered include corrosion protection coating systems for wind turbines (onshore and offshore), adhesives and sealants, rotor blade repair materials as well as hydraulic and electrotechnical
products. If products are not (yet) available for purchase in the shop, customers can request them directly from the shop to receive an offer.

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