SeaRenergy has completed the reassessment of its SCL Certification

SeaRenergy has completed the reassessment of its SCL Certification

Despite the current situation, SeaRenergy has been able to successfully complete the Step 3 certification under the framework of the Safety Culture Ladder for the third year in a row. This year, some of the different control audits were conducted remotely by Lloyd Register on behalf of the NEN.

SeaRenergy is proud to maintain its reassessment once again with a cumulative score of 99%. As SeaRenergy believes in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment as a shared responsibility, they will continue with their efforts regarding H&S awareness and working according to the principles of the Safety Culture Ladder.

What is the Safety Culture Ladder?

The Safety Culture Ladder encourages safety awareness and conscious safe behavior. The goal is to reduce the number of unsafe situations with fewer incidents (absenteeism, damage) as a result.

About SeaRenergy Group:

SeaRenergy group is an independent provider of comprehensive services to all offshore wind industry stakeholders. The group consists of SeaRenergy offshore with offices in Hamburg, Den Haag and Limassol and its daughter companies Con4Mare and Elbe-1. SeaRenergy is involved in the whole value chain of offshore wind from planning and permit through installation and operation & maintenance. Founded in 2010, SeaRenergy offers consulting and engineering services as well as offshore marine services, QHSE services, and the full range of offshore professionals.

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