Nabrawind is a Spanish Company specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced wind technologies. Born in 2015 in Navarra, the company centers its business on creating groundbreaking solutions for the onshore wind market, removing current logistical and size barriers while improving LCOE of the wind farms. Its two main products are Nabrajoint and Nabralift.

Nabrajoint removes the logistical challenges of blade transportation. It consists of a modular blade joint compatible with any blade, and whose assembly can be done at the foot of the wind turbine in a short period of time.

Another main challenge of the industry is the construction of higher wind turbines, to unlock the potential for the exploitation of low wind sites. Nabralift is a self-erecting tower that can reach height of 200 meters without the need for large cranes and has positioned itself as one of the leading innovations for high towers in the industry. Its main advantages are:

  • Cost-effective solution in the range of hub heights between 130 m and 200 m.
  • Proprietary Self-Erecting System that avoids the use of large cranes.
  • Small size of tower components, removing logistic barriers.
  • Installation process four times faster than high concrete tower solutions.
  • High tower bending and torsional stiffness, minimizing vibrations and interferences with rotor turning.
  • Large portfolio of foundations that provides disruptive savings in civil works.
  • Simple and economic decommissioning at the end of the service life.
  • Minimization of environmental footprint: CO2 emissions are reduced.

Nabrawind has already developed and manufactured towers for both the 3MW and the 4-5MW rated power ranges. Tower solutions for 6MW turbines will be ready by the end of 2021.

Nabrawind has also developed a solution for tower heights in the range of 90 to 140m: Nabrabase, which consists of the implementation of Nabralift transition piece connected to the tower foundation. Therefore, Nabrawind covers the demand to reach both low and high altitudes.

Nabrawind has already signed its first contracts for Nabralift and Nabrabase. The first towers will be installed in Namibia and Morocco. This last project includes the installation of the highest wind tower in Africa, with a hub height of 144 meters.

New projects are being evaluated in Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, China or Chile, and a second manufacturing hub will be ready in China in 2021, paving the pace for the full internationalization of Nabrawind tower solutions.

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