Hydrogen Safety Day – Best practices and challenges German – Norwegian Exchange

Hydrogen Safety Day – Best practices and challenges
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German – Norwegian Exchange

Wednesday 11th January 2023


Katholische Akademie, Herrengraben

Safety needs to be at the forefront of any handling of hydrogen and ammonia. This is why we are gathering safety experts from our German and Norwegian clusters, respectively, in Hamburg.

Why Germany and Norway?

Norway has an approximately 100-year history as a large-scale industrial producer and consumer of hydrogen and ammonia. It also has a very strong safety culture developed through its advanced offshore and maritime industries over many decades.

Germany has the biggest economy in Europe, with high ambitions for clean energy where hydrogen and ammonia are important parts of the picture. It is also a country with technical know-how related to hydrogen and ammonia. A large quantity will arrive in Germany by ships at harbours like Hamburg Port.

On this basis, the German cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg and the Norwegian one Arena H2 Cluster, are pleased to invite you for this exchange on hydrogen and ammonia safety. We believe it is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives across our two countries, to learn from each other, and to meet new colleagues with the same ambitions and concerns and through this develop closer cooperation moving forward.

Please register below. If you have any questions on the registration field (unfortunately it is only available in German), please do not hesitate to contact Sibyl Scharrer from Renewable Energy Hamburg.

Über Astrid Dose

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