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Event-Details Web-Seminar: The Effects of the Brexit Deal on the Provision of Offshore Services by UK-based services providers in the EU (Germany)

This webinar aims at highlighting some of the main content of the last-minute “Trade and Cooperation Agreement” reached between the EU and the UK as relevant to the offshore industry.
The presentation will have a particular focus on the Trade Agreements’ likely effect on off-shore services carried out in German waters (including the German EEZ) by UK-based contractors, including: The limitations and provisions regarding UK-flagged vessels and UK personnel; the rules governing the importation and temporary admission of goods into the EU (such as materials needed for the provision of offshore services); and the legal framework applicable to jurisdiction and arbitration clauses (and questions of enforceability of judgements or awards).
Although the full practical effects of the Trade Agreement remain to be seen, the webinar aims to flag potential risks for the offshore industry which could arise in the application of the Trade Agreement.
  • Deal or no deal? Brief overview of the basic principles and building blocks of the “Trade and Cooperation Agreement” between the EU and the UK, Dr. Arthur Steinmann
  • Services: Limits to employment of UK-flagged vessels, operators and personnel, Dr. Philipp Drömann
  • Goods: Limits to bringing goods into the EU, Dr. Arthur Steinmann
  • Jurisdiction and enforcement of judgements after Brexit, Dharshini Bandara
  • Questions and answers

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