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Event-Details Web-Seminar: How Offshore Wind Supports California’s Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Initiatives


Datum: 05.08.2020 10:00

Top experts will share the latest on the state’s IRP process and the most likely pathways to increase renewables and reduce emissions.

  1. What are the functional needs from a 21st century DSO and what is its critical role in a high-DER high-renewables electric system?
  2. What are key choices and design options in developing a practical DSO model?
  3. How applicable to distribution systems are the principles of ‘independence” and “open access” developed for transmission operators to enable wholesale markets?
  4. What federal-state jurisdictional issues do DSOs raise and how might they be addressed?

What are the potential benefits of distribution-level markets for energy services and what are the critical next steps needed to enable these markets?

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