World Electrolysis Congress

The world’s leading electrolysis conference returns to tackle the remaining bottlenecks to rolling out electrolysers at scale and pace. Over two days, discover the latest innovations in the field, hear from leading hydrogen project developers, electrolyser manufacturers, compression and storage companies, engineering firms, infrastructure and transport and more!

To make green hydrogen affordable for all nations, production costs need to be cut. The cost of renewable energy is declining, and technology is evolving, but there is still a long way to go to meet future electrolyser demand. Oxford based analytical firm, Aurora Energy Research, estimates that electrolyser capacity needs to see a one-thousand-fold increase by 2040. World Electrolysis Congress will bring together project developers and technology experts to tackle the challenges of scaling up the technology and the production plants to meet the 213.5GW planned for delivery by 2040.

We are the only event focusing on the production, scale-up and operation of electrolysers. Meet the experts, engage in debates, and discover innovative technologies for your projects. Once scale-up takes place, green hydrogen will become competitive and affordable, and carbon emission reduction targets can be met. So, join us to accelerate the transition to clean hydrogen!


  • Understand how the hydrogen sector is ramping up the rollout of large-scale electrolysis plants
  • Where should we take a decentralized modular approach?
  • How can we unlock the cost curve and greatest efficiencies of PEM, Alkaline, Solide Oxide and other technologies?
  • Debate how manufacturing capacity, grid infrastructure and transportation will be ready to cope with large quantities of hydrogen

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