Web-Seminar: OCEAN TECH: Facilitating increased bilateral collaboration between Germany and Norway

The Ocean Industries are of great importance for value creation in Norway and Germany. Some of the world's most high-tech vessels sail under Norwegian and German flags and are built and equipped at Norwegian and German shipyards, with equipment andtechnology from Norwegian andGermansuppliers.Bothcountries are dependent on offshore energy production and are in the process of building up valuable expertise and positioning themselves for significant production of either bottom-fixed or floating offshore wind in the years to come. Several visions are currently being developed for the role that the North Sea and the Baltic Sea will play towards 2050 in order to be able to contribute to achieving the climate goals in the ParisAgreementandintheEU'sclimatepolicy.

Discussions about developing the North Sea as a hub for hydrogen production or transport based on either renewable wind power or CO2-purified natural gas are prominent in both countries. Both countries also have an interest in developing a predictableframeworkfortheextractionofmineralsontheseabed,whichisexpected to be an important future industry. At the same time, the need to initiate ambitious measures to prevent plastic waste, pollution and destruction of marine ecosystems is increasing.

In short,thereisboth aneed forandopportunities forincreased bilateralcooperation on the development and management of the ocean space, and the opportunities will probablyonlyincreaseintheyearsahead.
The webinar is organized in cooperation with GCE Ocean Technology and with the assistance of the German-Norwegian Working Group on Ocean Technologies. 

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