Web-Seminar: Let´s talk wind

Emerging offshore wind markets are playing a significant role in growing the portion of wind energy in the global electricity mix. But it will also bring new challenges for wind industry stakeholders, for example on how wind turbine structures should be designed for tropical cyclones and earthquakes.

This topic is of high importance in offshore markets in the Asian Pacific region like Taiwan, Japan, Korea and parts of the U.S., as these regions are often struck by these heavy forces of nature. Currently, a clear industry approach giving guidance on this is missing, which often leads to longer-lasting coordination work between, for example, turbine manufacturers, designers and wind farm developers.

Panellists will address this challenge on Day 1 of the Transition Faster Conference: Let's Talk Wind, in the session 'Offshore wind: Managing risk amidst tropical cyclones and earthquakes'. We will present the results, for the very first time, of the Alleviating Cyclone and Earthquake challenges for wind farms Joint Industry Project (ACE JIP)  – a project which has caused a stir in the industry. We will Hear what the global experts have to say about best practices and solutions to wind turbine design methodologies. 

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