Web-Seminar: Covid-19 – How contract management can help you to deal with the (possible) effects to your business | Driver Trett

The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH) and Driver Trett are pleased to invite you to participate:

Web Seminar:

Covid 19 – How contract management can help you to deal with the (possible) effects to your business"

21st of October 2020, 14:00h - 15:00h


Normally, Driver Trett offers supportive services to your construction business. These supportive services regard all but the technical aspects of your business. Services on offer comprise, for example, Contract Management, Document management, Claim management and Delay Analysis.

Experience shows, that events like the Covid-19-pandemic create an even stronger need for support as offered by Driver Trett. Unexpected events, like Covid-19, imply the need to be prepared to substantiate your projects’ history and situation. This supportive work would enhance your (contractual) position decisively. The outcome of any discussion is likely to be more favourable if you would be prepared in a structured way. Driver Trett would be glad to support these processes (so: your business) thus help to overcome any constraints in the relation to your Clients and Subcontractors as a result of such unfortunate events as Covid-19.

In this web seminar, we will demonstrate in detail how such approach could be helpful and effective.


Ernst Jan de Jong from Driver Trett is an experienced contracts manager and contracts administrator, with extensive knowledge of various FIDIC forms of contracts, UAV(GC) and bespoke formulated contracts. He has experiences in the following sectors: Offshore Wind, Energy, Oil and Gas Infrastructure as well as Process and Industrial.

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