Web-Seminar: Community engagement and its important role in gaining public support for wind farms

Europe installed 14.7 GW of new wind energy in 2020 and now has 220 GW of total wind energy capacity. But Europe isn't building enough new wind to deliver the Green Deal and climate neutrality. The EU is set to build 15 GW per year over the next 5 years – it needs 27 GW per year to deliver the 55% emissions reduction target by 2030.

Community engagement will be central to delivering the onshore and offshore wind projects that will get Europe on track towards climate neutrality. Ensuring that communities living near wind farms embrace them is at the core of the Green Deal.

Join us on Thursday, 18 March for a chance to exchange views and hear the experiences of experts responsible for engaging communities, as part of the wind energy project development. They will share some case studies, best practices and lessons learnt.

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