Web-Seminar: BAR Technologies: Maritime innovation "over the sea", "on the sea" and "under the sea"

Learn how the digital twin can be used to push the boundaries of marine design and engineering:

  • From enhancing hull performance of non-racing vessels with racing yacht technology (Part 1)
  • To developing a novel green propulsion system that harnesses the wind to fuel tankers and bulk carriers (Part 2)
  • To creating the world's most advanced diver delivery unit (Part 3)

Our guest speaker will be Simon Schofield, the Chief Technology Officer of BAR Technologies and a veteran of multiple America’s Cup, Volvo ocean race and grand prix race yacht campaigns. Simon was most recently head of design and engineering at BAR Land Rover, the British America’s Cup entrant from 2016.

Be sure to register to all three sessions:

Part 1 of 3 I July 9: Maritime Innovation "over the sea"

Part 2 of 3 I July 16: Maritime Innovation "on the sea"

Part 3 of 3 I July 28: Maritime Innovation "under the sea"