Smart Grids and Renewables Workshop, Hamburg, May 30th, 2013

Smart Grids and Renewables Workshop

BWVi, conference room 826, 8th floor

Alter Steinweg 4, 20459 Hamburg

May 30th, 08:30 am - 12:30 pm

At the international workshop solutions will be presented and discussed. The key question is: "What are the Smart-Grid and Renewable Energy opportunities in modern cities and lessons learned from concepts in other worldwide regions?".

In the workshop program your cooperation partner Hamburg Energie GmbH will focus on their current large scale project Smart Power Hamburg. The City of Hamburg and the local utilities have started several initiatives to make the energy system of the entire city “smarter”. This involves not only the grid-transmission system but also parts of the city or the entire city which can function as a “virtual power plant”. By becoming more efficient and integrating renewable energy, in the future the entire system may take the role as a energy service provider for other regions. The Smart Power Hamburg initiative brings together Hamburg’s stakeholders that are active in the field of Smart Grid science and Renewable Energy services.

Our cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg gives an outlook on the challenges and opportunities of the growing share of renewable energy in the German grid. International speakers from the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (USA) will contribute with a presentation of their Fort Collins Utilities Advanced Meter Project for electric and water smart grid implementation. They are followed by the outcome of a study at the Copenhagen Cleantech Clusteron smart-grid know-how in their region.

The workshop ends with a business lunch at the Restaurant TSCHEBULL in Hamburg downtown. For the lunch additional guests are invited from EU interregional city project CASCADE.

Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster members will receive an individual invitation to the workshop with an exclusive registration-link. Since the workshops only allow a limited number of participants, please use the opportunity to register as soon as possible. All registrations will be confirmed upon sequence of entry.

In case you want to know more about the International Cleantech Convention or registration please seek the following LINK and contact at our international manager Jan Luca Plewa at jan.plewa@eehh.de.