Low Wind Forum

How commercially viable are low wind sites?

As the availability of onshore high-wind sites decreases, low to medium wind sites (IEC II/III) are becoming feasible alternatives.

Yet concerns over energy yield, as well as O&M and set-up costs, need to be addressed.

Use this forum to assess the feasibility of a low-wind project or learn how to maximise an existing project. In particular you will  find out about:

  • Understanding the variables which affect the viability and ROI of low to medium wind sites
  • Assessing the factors which affect the quality of the wind resource
  • Technology available to optimise energy output on these sites and the implications for planning and development consents
  • Low wind site developers’ perspectives: Ilmatar Windpower, juwi, VenSol and Saba Wind Oy

Veranstalter: Hay Market
Termin: 30. / 31. Oktober 2013
Ort: Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg, Hamburg, Lemsahler Landstraße 45

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