International Cleantech Convention, Hamburg, May 28th-30th, 2013

International Cleantech Convention

Hamburg, May 28th until May 30th, 2013


At our International Cleantech Convention in Hamburg from May 28th until May 30th, 2013 you will receive interesting insights and meet inspiring international clusters and their stakeholders from twelve countries to support the future markets and strategies for global Cleantech business. We have created an attractive program in order to address the most relevant topics in Hamburg’s different fields of Cleantech development.

To start with, special guests from Hamburg's Cleantech scene will individually receive an invitation to the official Hamburg reception with Hamburg's Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, Frank Horch and politicians from Norway and Denmark.

Tuesday, May 28th Senate Reception 

During the following days workshops on special topics take place:

Wednesday, May 29th Workshop - Sustainable Mobility

Wednesday, May 29th Workshop - Urban Efficiency

Thursday, May 30th Workshop - Smart Grids and Renewable Energy

Thursday, May 30th Meet the ICN + Renewable Energy Hamburg Regulars’ Table

Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Members will receive individual invitations to the workshops with a exclusive registration-link. Since the workshops only allow a limited number of participants, please use the opportunity to register as soon as possible. All registrations will be confirmed upon sequence of entry.

The three workshops will give the international guests from private companies, local officials, universities and cluster networks the opportunity to present innovative concepts and best-practice from their worldwide regions. The guests are from Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Spain and the U.S. (Colorado and North Carolina) and bring along visitors from Canada, China and South Korea.

At the same time renowned speakers from the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Network and our partner networks Hysolutions GmbH and IBA Hamburg GmbH inform you about the current status in their networks. Renewable Energy Hamburg will focus on the renewable energy scene and their smart integration into the energy grid, Hysolutions will focus on electro and hydrogen powered mobility. And the International Building Exhibition (IBA) will present many of their smart city projects in a new part of Hamburg, which just opened in April 2013.

Renewable Energy Hamburg will guide you through the program and facilitate dialogue with the experts on the most essential topics. For the first time, international delegates participate in our quarterly Renewable Energy Hamburg Regulars’ Table (Treffpunkt Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg – TEE) sponsored by the Vattenfall Europe Netzservice GmbH. There, the member Clusters of the International Cleantech Network (ICN)  give their speed-introductions to more than 300 participants.

For more information on the full provisional program please see the following PRESENTATION. In case you want to know more about workshop registration, please contact our international project manager Jan Luca Plewa directly at jan.plewa@eehh.de .