Green H2: CAPEX for green hydrogen production

Ramboll Deutschland GmbH
Veranstalter: Ramboll Deutschland GmbH

In this webinar, experts Ethan Doyle and Elizabeth Krasowski will share Ramboll’s estimates for green hydrogen production CAPEX, compare estimates across the market, and explore the drivers that will make a key difference in reducing CAPEX costs. During the session, they will answer the following questions:

• What is the breakdown of CAPEX in building a hydrogen electrolyser facility? How do they scale from 10 MW to 1 GW scale?
• What are the costs and benefits of different electrolyser technologies or different project models?
• What CAPEX categories vary regionally and what can be used as a global assumption? How do recent EU and US green hydrogen regulations impact these costs and benefits?
• Are predicted cost declines feasibile? If so, what should OEMs, developers, policymakers, and offtakers be focusing on in order to achieve lower CAPEX costs for electrolyser projects?

The webinar will be an accompaniment to Ramboll’s whitepaper.
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