Fehmarn Belt Days 2016

For three days, the Fehmarnbelt Days provide a broad platform for stakeholders (including the interested public) from all over the emerging Fehmarnbelt Region and beyond to exchange ideas and experiences, to discuss key issues and further cross-border collaboration. We want to develop possible growth opportunities of the emerging Fehmarnbelt Region – seize the possibilities and understand possible obstacles.

The Fehmarnbelt Days deal with key areas such as infrastructure, tourism, business, the labour market, transport and logistics as well as education and research. The Fehmarnbelt Days will also host and be accompanied by a variety of social and cultural events.

In order to adequately represent all interested actors and bodies, we also look for further activity partners who want to strengthen and debate the emerging region as well as its implications under the umbrella of this international conference.

The cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg supports the Fehmarn Belt Days 2016

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