EnviroInfo 2013 Conference

The EnviroInfo 2013 is the 27th edition of the long-year established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental IC Technologies to make the world a better place for living. It has for a long time been shaping the Applied Informatics field of Environmental Informatics on a national as well as international scale. 

EnviroInfo aims at reporting about state-of-the-art applications of ICT as well as newest developing trends in the field of Environmental Informatics. Under the patronage of the University of Hamburg the conference will discuss ICT applications for renewable Energies (with focus on wind energy) as the main conference theme as well as the whole range of cross-cutting topics in Environmental Informatics.

Veranstalter: Universität Hamburg, Fachbereich Informatik
Termin: 2. - 4. September 2013
Ort: Universität Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1

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