EFH-DHC2018 Werkstatt: 'Sustainable District Heating and Cooling - Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency'

The following innovative topics will be discussed:

10:00 Uhr Welcome, introduction and presentation of Energieforschungsverbund

Hamburg with a key note on the findings of the Symposium DHC2018

HafenCity University Hamburg – Prof. Dr. Ingo Weidlich

10:10 Uhr Presentation of the EFH Research contact / Cluster Renewable

Energies Hamburg

10:15 Uhr Integration of Renewable Energies into the Hamburg District Heating


Hamburg Institut – Mr. Christian Maaß

(Presentation 15 Min + Discussion 5 Min)

10:35 Uhr Challenges in integrating CO2 neutral excess heat in DH &


Vattenfall Wärme Hamburg GmbH – Dr. Julia Westerweck

(Presentation 15 Min + Discussion 5 Min)

10:55 Uhr Cold district heating networks, an innovative solution for low exergy

heat and cold supply – conceptual aspects and practical experiences

enisyst GmbH – Dr. Dirk Pietruschka

(Presentation 15 Min + Discussion 5 Min)

11:15 Uhr Large Heat Pumps in District Heating

AGFW GmbH – Dr. Jens Kühne

(Presentation 15 Min + Discussion 5 Min)

11:35 Uhr The effect of parallel energy consumption on the district heating


Tallinn University of Technology – Dr. Eduard Latõšov

(Presentation 15 Min + Discussion 5 Min)

From 11:55 Uhr Catering

Networking and possibility of direct exchange between Presenters,

EFH representatives and other partecipants

Please register before 09.09.2018 by email at: gersena.banushi@hcu-hamburg.de