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From rapeseed field to power socket Biomass

Electricity from biomass and biogas

Rapeseed, field grass and maize are traditionally farmed in the Hamburg region. This offers an excellent basis for the biomass and biogas industry: over 240 larger and smaller biogas plants are currently in operation. The biomass power plant in Brunsbüttel run by NovusEnergy generates 60 million kWh of power per year, and is one of the largest plants in the region.

In Hamburg, Vattenfall markets district heating made of biomass, while in the city’s harbour, the ADM oil mills produce biofuels. Biogas is produced to provide energy from the Hamburg Wasser wastewater treatment plant. The energy providers Lichtblick, Vattenfall, Hamburg Energie and E.ON Hanse, which are based in the Hamburg region, market natural gas with a share of biogas. The port serves as a hub for delivering biomass.